Solid surface products

Durat solid surface is excellent choice for bespoke furnitures when distinctive appearance, durability, easy maintenance and environmentally friendly solutions are required. Due to its seamless surface, it is suitable for use in spaces where ease of maintenance, hygiene and maintainability are important selection criteria.

Durat solid surface is typically used for kitchen worktops, bathroom sinks and vanity tops, reception desks, tables and benches. Surfaces are easy to fabricate, material can be made into attractive shelves, trays, window sills, radiator covers, cover plates and pulls that can be combined with the rest of the furniture in terms of colour and style.

Durat's colour selection is very extensive. There are thousands of combinations of different colours and patterns available. Durat's three-dimensional, luxuriously warm and silky feeling makes it an exceptionally stunning, distinctive solid surface material.

Durat solid surface contains approximately 30% recycled plastic and is 100% recyclable. Post-industrial plastic waste is granulated, giving Durat its distinctive pattern. We buy back used Durat furniture, refurbish and resell them as Durat Circular products. We also buy back all offcut pieces from furniture manufacturers.

Advantages of Durat solid surface

  • The surface is very dense, so nothing is absorbed into it
  • Seamless surfaces are easy to clean
  • More than a thousand colour and pattern options available
  • The three-dimensional, luxuriously warm, silky feeling makes it an exceptionally stunning, distinctive solid surface
  • The products are extremely durable, surface damage can be repaired and scratches can be sanded down to become invisible
  • Easy to work with woodworking tools
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Maailman ensimmäinen PET-hartsia ja kierrätettyä komposiittimateriaalia yhdistävä Durat Plus -komposiitti sisältää noin 80 prosenttia kierrätysmateriaalia.

New Durat Plus: up to 80 % recycled materials

The world's first material combining recycled PET resin and recycled solid surface

Durat is the world’s first commercially available solid surface material combining recycled PET resin and recycled solid surface. Durat Plus, developed by Durat, can use any manufacturer's solid surface as a raw material. The resin is made from recycled PET plastic, as used in plastic bottles.

Durat Plus contains up to 80% recycled material. Its carbon footprint is about half that of a traditional Durat.

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Durat showroom - värikkäät allastasot

We make sustainable desirable

Durat is manufactured by crushing recycled post-industrial waste plastic into granulates. This creates a distinctive, vivid 3D surface that is sumptuously silky and warm to touch. The material is then cast into sheets as well as various bathtubs and sinks.

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