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What is Durat?

Durat is a composite material which contains recycled plastic. Durat can be used to fabricate furniture, sinks, bathtubs and more.

What else does Durat contain besides 30% recycled plastic?

It is polyester based material which also contains, among others, flame-retardant minerals. 

Why was Durat developed?

Durat was created in 1990. The whole idea began with the company founders' desire to use recycled plastic as the material for high-quality design products. 

Where is Durat manufactured?

Durat's manufacturing facilities are located in Naantali, Finland. In addition to Finland, Durat is also produced in the United States and China to meet the demand for their respective markets.

How is Durat processed?

Durat can be worked with woodworking tools. By gluing and sanding, it can be fabricated infinitely large seamless furniture units.

How does Durat differ from other similar materials?

Durat always contains 30 per cent recycled plastic and is 100 per cent recyclable. Used furniture can be easily refurbished. Durat has an extensive range of colours: with more than a thousand colours available by combining different base colours and textures. In addition, we can make custom colours tinted by designer's wishes. Durat is a Finnish invention made in Naantali, Finland. Durat is a Key Flag label product.

What can Durat be used for?

Durat can be used to fabricate any furniture, bathtubs or sinks. It can also be used as a covering for walls or other surfaces. Durat is an excellent furniture material, especially for bathrooms, kitchens or other places that are subjected to heavy wear and tear, such as hotels, restaurants, schools, swimming centre or hospitals.

Can Durat be used to made curved surfaces?

Durat can be thermoformed to create curved surfaces (minimum radius 2–300 mm). Curved surfaces can also be achieved by casting or using various gluing and woodworking techniques.

Is Durat suitable for the kitchen?

Durat is an excellent material for kitchen countertops, sinks and backspashes. The material withstands heavy wear and tear. As it has a dense surface structure, it is completely non-absorbent, thus making it easy to clean all kinds of stains. Durat can be glued and sanded to fabricate seamless furniture units of any size. Because of its dense surface structure and seamlessness, Durat furniture is very hygienic.

Is Durat a suitable backsplash material?

Fits perfectly. When combined with Durat countertops, impressive, solid units can be achieved.

Can Durat be used in the bathrooms?

Durat is a composite plastic material that is perfect  for all wet rooms. Durat is used to fabricate sinks, washbasins, bathtubs or shower enclosures, just to name a few.

Can Durat sinks be made to order

Even though Durat can be used for bespoke sinks, we highly recommend the standard-size models, which are produced by casting. Some 20 different models of these can be found in our product range. Cast sinks are more durable than those made by cutting and gluing.

Can Durat be used for outdoor furniture?

Durat is also suitable for outdoor use. As it is not sensitive to UV light, it retains its colour no matter how much sun it is exposed to. 

Does Durat withstand heat?

The material withstands slow, even temperature variations sufficiently well. However, we do not recommend, for example, putting a hot pot directly on a Durat countertop as this might damage the surface.

Does Durat come in colours from the RAL colour chart?

Most of the colours on the RAL Classic colour chart are Durat standard colours. However, Durat has only one shade of white as it is not possible to achieve different shades of white. Dark base colours always have some standard Durat colour speckles added to them.

How is Durat recycled?

Durat is 100 % recyclable material. We buy back all used Durat furniture and material offcuts from furniture fabrication. Finished furniture can be fully refurbished with a light sanding. If necessary, the size of the furniture can also be increased or decreased as required. Refurbished pieces of furniture are sold as Durat Circular products. Offcuts can be used to make various small products or crushed to make new Durat material.

How much do you pay for used Durat product?

If the product can be used as a Durat Circular product, we pay back five per cent of its purchase price. For used furniture or production offcuts, we pay €0.5/kg.

Does red wine or any other food or drink permanently stain Durat?

The Durat surface structure is very dense, it does not absorb anything. Durat is easy to keep clean, and even ingrained stains can easily be removed with, for example, a magic eraser.


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