Let your imagination free  

Great looking surfaces that are reusable, 100 % recyclable and contain up to 30 % recycled materials.

Durat is an excellent choice when distinctive appearance, durability, easy maintenance and environmentally friendly solutions are required. 

Huussi - Imagining the future history of sanitation

The Pavilion of Finland at Venice Biennale declares the death of the flushing toilet as we know it. The Dry Collective aims to raise awareness about the importance of reinventing sanitation infrastructure to serve the world as it is today.

Durat is in the core of exhibition.


Durat configurator

Test the new Durat configurator. Create your own product and experience it with AR feature.


We make sustainable desirable

Durat is manufactured by crushing recycled post-industrial waste plastic into granulates. This creates a distinctive, vivid 3D surface that is sumptuously silky and warm to touch. The material is then cast into sheets as well as various bathtubs and sinks.

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We buy back used Durat furniture

Durat has implemented the principles of the circular economy since its founding more than thirty years ago. We buy back all old Durat furniture and material offcuts from fabrication. Any surface damage can be fully refurbished with a light sanding.

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Latest news about Durat and its unique colour scheme and sustainable solutions.