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Velox Ltd / Design: Minna Jones / Photo: Sameli Rantanen / Colour: P0080-00
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Durat is an excellent alternative for kitchen countertops and sinks. It withstands heavy wear and tear and the three-dimensional surface gives a spectacular finishing touch to kitchen furniture.

Durat can be used to make seamless sink and countertop units of virtually any size. Since dirt and moisture cannot get in the joints, seamless kitchen worktops stay neat and clean. Durat sinks are also seamlessly integrated with the countertops.


Private home, Helsinki / Design: Juhan Mikone / Colour: DP001
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Private home, Espoo / Design: Juhan Mikone / Colour: D0480-00
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Finnish-Russian school, Helsinki / Design: Haptik / Photo: RT Visuals / Colour: D0150-03
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Citycon Lippulaiva, Espoo / Design: Franz Design Oy / Photo: Suvi Laine / Colour: DP007
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Durat kitchen countertops are easy to keep clean because the surface is completely sealed. The worktops are non-absorbent, so foods that cause stains, such as beetroot, blueberries, seasoning oils and red wine, can be handled on them without worry. Not even citric acids can mark the surface.

We do not recommend moving a hot pot straight off a stove to a Durat surface. A towel or potholder should be placed underneath. However, the material is completely resistant to moisture. It does not absorb liquids left on the surface even for a long time or things like steam from a dishwasher.

Durat is a food safe material. It does not leach any toxic substances into food. Durat fulfills the criteria for M1-classifications of low emission building products.




All Durat tops are made to order. Durat's extensive range of colours and patterns allows to create a kitchen ambience ranging from understated Scandinavian, bold and colourful, or soothing pastel.

There are over 300 base colours in the colour chart, including a majority of the RAL Classic chart colours. You can choose either a monochrome Durat pattern or add colour speckles. There are eleven standard speckle alternatives of varying colour and size available. In addition to this, there are sixteen colour combinations available in the Durat Palace Collection.


Photo: Pop Å / Colour: D0100-00
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Photo: Doorie / Colour: DP012
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Arkken, Habitare / Design: Marianna Sorsa and Hanna Kivisaari / Photo: Tiiu Kaitalo / Colour: D0110-00
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Kiila Office / Design: KOKO3 / Photo: Mikael Pettersson / Colour: DP009
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Woodworks Brighton, Surface Matter / Photo: Bee Holmes Photography / Colour: DP004
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Private home, Utrecht / Design: Studio Tho / Contruction: Haklander Interieurbouw / Photo: Roza Schous / Colour: DP007

Always unique

Kitchens can be given unique finishing touches with, bespoke shelving, doors and backsplashes. The material is fabricated with woodworking tools: no special tools are required for edging, openings and drainage grooves.

Studio Plenty / Photo: Katri Kapanen / Colour: DP014
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Private home, Utrecht / Design: Studio Tho / Construction: Haklander Interieurbouw / Photo: Roza Schous / Colour: DP007
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Woodworks Brighton, Surface Matter / Photo: Bee Holmes Photography / Colour: DP004
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The Durat maintenance service can considerably extend the service life of its products. Any surface scratches made when using the product can be repaired by lightly sanding and fixing chipped edges on a Durat countertop is easy.

Small scratches can be removed by sanding lightly by hand, while deeper ones require machine repairs. Chips are repaired by gluing, making the damage nearly invisible. After sanding, dark and brightly coloured surfaces are treated with a furniture polish or oil.

Durat material and furniture are 100 % recyclable. We buy back all used Durat furniture. The furniture is fully refurbished by sanding and sized to fit, after which it is sold as a Durat Circular product. If the refurbished furniture does not find a new home, the material will be reused as new Durat raw material.


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Ottolenghi Test Kitchen, London / Design: Studiomama / Photo: Billy Bolton / Colour: DP001, DP009

Ottolenghi cooks in the Durat kitchen

The delicacies of Yotam Ottolenghi, known for the world's best-selling cookbooks, are created in the Durat kitchen designed by Studiomama.


Durat in the utility room

Moisture-resistant, easy-to-maintain Durat is an excellent material for housekeeping spaces. Thanks to the speckles, the dust generated from textile care are not easily noticeable.

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Private home, Tampere / Colour: DP007

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