Suunnittelijan valinta: Sisustusarkkitehti Nicole San Juan, Franz Design Oy
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Designer's choice: Interior architect Nicole San Juan, Franz Design Ltd

Luxury and sparkle with Durat Palace

Urban centre Lippulaiva wanted an inspirational ambience in its restrooms and nursery room. The team at the Franz Design studio took on the challenge, designing truly striking basins and vanity tops using Durat Palace.

We wanted to create an experiential atmosphere in the toilet and childcare facilities of the city center Lippulaiva. The team of the design office Franz took up the challenge and ended up designing very attractive pool and platform furniture for the premises from Durat Palace materials.

“Durat's Palace colours get their glow from natural colour pigments, making it easy to create exciting facilities. I myself just adore Durat, especially the Palace textures, so it was wonderful that I was able to use them in designing this,” says Nicole San Juan, a member of Franz Design's four-person design team. 

“Desigining these facilities was otherwise quite straightforward, but Durat Palace's speckles made it easy for us to get that desired ‘wow’ effect,” she explains.


According to Nicole, the client also fell in love with the patterns , so the approval process went smoothly. 


City center Flagship
City center Flagship