Suunnittelijan valinta: Nina Tolstrup, luova johtaja, Studiomama
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Designer's choice: Nina Tolstrup, creative director, Studiomama

Colours and sustainability were decisive factors in the choice of materials  

Famous for his beautifully colourful food and award-winning cookbooks, Chef Yotam Ottolengi has earned himself a worthy test kitchen in North London. The new kitchen is designed to be accessible and relaxed, filled with colours inspired by Middle Eastern cooking.

Nina Tolstrup and Jack Mama of Studiomama use playful yet durable materials, incorporating recycled and renewable materials in the finishes, such as Durat Palace for the cabinet doors and backsplashes.

“We enjoyed working with the Durat Palace collection for this project. The choice of colourways fit our design concept, while the sustainable credentials of the materials were important in our choice. The feel and look are very similar to terrazzo, but the material is much lighter: it is easy to work with and has a nice warm and soft touch,” says Nina Tolstrup.