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DP006 Black Velvet

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Durat Palace

Durat sample in colour DP006 Black Velvet

(old colour code P-006)

The core of the Durat Palace Collection are the shimmering colour speckles made of natural minerals. Durat has a distinctive, vivid and three-dimensional surface, which has a luxuriously silky and warm feeling.

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Shipping and handling

Delivery time for made to measure products is 4-6 weeks from the arrival of the order.

Made to measure products, sheets, sinks and furnitures are made to order so there is no right to cancel, exchange or return the order after the manufacturing process has started.

Ready made products will be shipped in 3 days after the order in received.

Cancellation in 14 days from placing the order. Return time 8 days.

The customer pays the costs of the return.

Care instructions

Highly durable Durat is easy to keep clean: the seamless surfaces do not collect dirt and can be easily cleaned with mild soap.

For cleaning ingrained stains (e.g. coffee or beetroot), we recommend using a magic eraser.

Stains left by dried water can be visible, so it is recommended to wipe the surface with a microfiber cloth.

The lifecycle of Durat is extremely long: homogenous material can be renewed with light sanding. The material is also easy to repair with Durat adhesive by a professional.

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