Suunnittelijan valinta: Designer Linda Bergroth
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Designer's choice: Designer Linda Bergroth

Granulates create a unique look 

Linda Bergroth has designed Durat's showroom in Helsinki. The colourful and inventive space made it into the top five in the small retail space category in Dezeen Award 2022. 

The successful collaboration between Linda and Durat started already in 2018, when Linda succesfully used Durat for the Finnish Zero Waste Bistro at the WantedDesign event in New York: Linda won the Frame magazine's Sustainability Award.

"Colours play a crucial role in my design. With Durat, in addition to the wide range of colors, I am excited by the endless possibilities of the granulates. Their variations in size, density and colour give the material such an extraordinary look. The material feels soulful when some of its features are only noticed when viewed from a very close distance," says Linda Bergroth.

"I have such respect for the ambitious work that Durat is doing to develop recycling possibilities - ecological sustainability is such an important value to me and my customers."