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Bespoke aesthetics for accessible spaces

Avaava Oy, an expert in accessible services, and Durat have been collaborating for many years in favor of accessible furnishing solutions. Product development has been done together, interior architects have been given training on the accessibility of bathroom facilities and participated in trade fairs.

"Together, we have developed the Avaava basins, EST100, EST200 and EST300, made of Durat material for accessible toilets and bathrooms, i.e. vanity tops for accessible toilets in public spaces and accessible bathrooms in hotels and rest homes," says Terhi Tamminen, Avaava's director of business and development.



"Durat is perfectly suited for accessible toilets. Almost unlimited colour and pattern options offer versatile options for implementation. Among other things, almost all the colours of the RAL Classic color chart are available. By combining different colours and using, for example, intarsia technology, you can create, for example, easily discernible contrasts of darkness on surfaces, which make it easier for people with poor vision.

Durat is a versatile material that is suitable for the most diverse applications. Thanks to it, the designer can easily implement an aesthetic whole that continues into accessible spaces as well. We are promoting the Design for All principle, the goal of which is an overall plan that is suitable for everyone and everyone can enjoy the beauty," says Terhi Tamminen.

"Durat's collection has numerous sink sizes, and the dimensioning is also completely customisable and customisable according to different measurement requirements. In the vanity top we developed with Durat, it has been ensured that they have enough surface area where you can place personal items."

The support handles needed in accessible spaces can be integrated completely seamlessly into the Durat vanity top. This creates a beautiful, uniform look.



"Complying with the principles of sustainable development, even in accessible facilities, is extremely important. The realization of accessibility is part of social responsibility. Social responsibility and the green transition emphasize the need to balance environmental protection and social responsibility goals. Balance ensures that sustainable development benefits all members of society and that harmony is maintained between people, well-being and the environment.

Inclusive design supports this goal of harmony. According to the definition of the Institute of Occupational Health, inclusivity means an equal and non-discriminatory way of working that includes and involves everyone. With the help of inclusive design, it is possible to create the means for the planning and implementation of an ecological, barrier-free and aesthetic entity, which will be preserved for a long time, from generation to generation, by saving the environment", explains Terhi Tamminen.


The collaboration started with a basin in an accessible bathroom

"The collaboration between Avaava and Durat started when we started thinking about a accessible bathroom in a sheltered home in Lahti. Our partner architect Erkki Vuopala was inspired to develop a type of sink in which a support handle was integrated as part of the sink. The design-award-winning Cavere aids from our selection were also chosen for this project.

We presented the architect's idea to the owners of Durat, who without prejudice set out to implement the idea in cooperation with us. We are really grateful for this, it's exactly these kinds of creators and entrepreneurs that are needed, the whole industry benefits from it, equality is realised and the end users are grateful", says Terhi Tamminen.


Avaava is an advocate of accessibility, an expert in accessible environments and a pioneer in design. Avaava serves people in the planning and construction industry in all issues related to accessibility. The company offers accessibility surveys, training and consulting.

Accessibility means built environments where human diversity has already been taken into account in the design phase. In an accessible environment, it is possible to move versatilely and equally.

Over the years, Avaava has done more than 100 accessibility-related projects all over Finland. Avaava has been involved in projects either as a designer, consultant or supplier.