Durat off-cuts are used as a raw material for new Durat
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We buy back used Durat furniture and offcuts

Aiming for the closed material loop

The goal of the Durat Circular service is to ensure that the products have as long a lifecycle as possible as well as to guarantee a closed material loop. The main way to extend the lifecycle is to refurbish Durat furniture being taken out of use and resell them as Circular products for use in a new site. We buy back all used Durat furniture being taken out of use. Five per cent of the purchase price is paid for used furniture.

If the products being returned can be used in a new site by refurbishing them and slightly modifying their size where needed, they are resurfaced, cut to the desired size and sold on the web store as affordable Circular products. Parts not suitable for use in Circular furniture are crushed and used as a raw material for new sheets.


Recovering production offcuts

We sell sheets and sinks to fabricators, which they use to make furniture to order. In order to minimise material waste and achieve our goal of 100 % recycling, we buy back all material offcuts from fabricators. The offcuts are crushed and reused as a raw material for new.

In 2022, we bought back 3035 kilos of offcuts from furniture manufacturers. This produced enough recycled granulates for approximately 200 new Durat sheets.

Durat also has a fabrication unit of its own, which fabricates bespoke furniture. The offcuts resulting from its processing is already fully utilised.